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CANOPUS FireCoder Intra
FireCoder Intra
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Our FIRECODER Intra is a PCI Express board that encodes from the timeline of an EDIUS 5 nonlinear editor to AVC-Intra 50/100 compatible video at speeds 2-3X faster than real time.

The speed of the FIRECODER Intra solution stems from a unique algorithm that combines the capabilities of your workstations CPU with those of the boards two hardware codecs. This speed lets you finish projects more quickly, and with less cost.

The FIRECODER Intra solution also fits seamlessly into your existing workflow- for EDIUS users, it appears as an additional export option

FIRECODER Intra: Key Features
• Two to three times faster than real time encoding of AVC-Intra 50/100 compatible video
• Direct export from EDIUS 5 timeline to FIRECODER Intra encoder
• Combines CPU power and two hardware encoders for optimum performance
• Supports both 1080i and 720p resolution
• Supports 59.94i/p, 50i/p, 29.97p, 25p, and 23.98p frame rates
• Encodes files created by EDIUS 5 nonlinear editing software

FIRECODER Intra: Specifications

Package Contents:
• FIRECODER Intra PCI Express x4 bus card
• User Manual

Technical Specifications

Bus Interface
• PCI Express Rev. 1.1 x4 lane

Compression Formats
• AVC-Intra 1920x1080 (100 Mb/s): frame rates - 59.94i, 50i, 29.97p, 25p, 23.98p*
• AVC-Intra 1440x1080 (50 Mb/s): frame rates - 59.94i, 50i, 29.97p, 25p, 23.98p*
• AVC-Intra 1280x720 (100 Mb/s): frame rates - 59.94p, 50p, 29.97p, 25p, 23.98p**
• AVC-Intra 960x720 (50 Mb/s): frame rates - 59.94p, 50p, 29.97p, 25p, 23.98p**

Power Requirements
• +12V: 1.8A, +3.3V: 2.8A

Physical Dimensions
• 112 x 312 mm (4.409 x 12.283 in.) (HxW)

Regulatory Compliance

* At 1080 lines, the AVC-Intra module has four frame-rate modes of 59.94i, 50i, 29.97p and 25p. Encoding of 23.98p image data is performed using 29.97p mode, and then reformatted to contain proper header information
** At 720 lines, the AVC-Intra module has two frame-rate modes of 59.94p and 50p. Encoding of 29.97p, 25p, and 23.98p image data is encoded using 59.94p, 50p, and 59.94p modes respectively, and then reformatted to contain proper header information

Minimum System Requirements

• Intel or AMD CPU with a 3 GHz processor speed or faster (multiple CPUs and/or multi-core CPUs are recommended. Minimum SSE2 instruction set required)
• 1 GB RAM (2 GB or more recommended)
• One free PCI Express x4 bus slot
• 800 MB or more space required for software installation
• Drive with ATA100/7,200rpm or faster capable of sustaining at least 20 MB/sec data transfer
- Available HDD disc space should be twice the size of the file to be edited
- A RAID stripe set of two or more hard disk drives is required for multiple HD stream output
• A graphics card with at least 256 MB of graphics memory (512 MB recommended) with support for Direct3D 9.0c or later, and PixelShader Model 3.0 or later is required (PixelShader Model 4.0 or later recommended)
• Sound card with WDM driver support required
• DVD-ROM drive required for software installation
• DVD-R/RW or DVD+R/RW drive required when creating DVD-Video with DVD Creator
• Free USB port (1.1 or higher) required for security key
• Windows XP Home Edition or Windows XP Professional (SP2 or later, 32-bit)
- Windows Vista (SP1 or later, 32-bit or 64-bit), including the following operating systems:
- Windows Vista Home Basic
- Windows Vista Home Premium
- Windows Vista Business
- Windows Vista Ultimate

*** Including EDIUS 5 requirements

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