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AVID Pro Tools|HD Native
Pro Tools|HD Native
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Create complex, high-quality audio productions using the full capabilities of Pro Tools HD software in a lower-cost native solution. For music and post-production professionals who want the absolute best performance possible on the host, Pro Tools|HD Native is a new generation of PCIe-based Pro Tools core system that harnesses the power of your computer to deliver the lowest latency and highest stability of any native system.

Easily compose, record, edit, and mix music or sound for picture with great speed and reliability. And with guaranteed high track counts, plus groundbreaking low latency, you can tackle bigger productions more confidently than ever before with a native workstation.

Key benefits

• Create bigger sessions with up to 192 audio tracks and up to 64 channels of I/O using a single PCIe card
• Record, edit, and mix with ease using Pro Tools HD software, the industry’s most trusted toolset
• Attain the highest performance and lowest latency of any native digital audio workstation
• Get the ideal tracking experience and set-and-forget direct monitoring with an integrated low-latency monitor mode
• Achieve ultimate audio quality with a Pro Tools HD Series interface (sold separately)
• Boost your capabilities with advanced automation, surround mixing, input monitoring, AFL/PFL solo, destructive punch, and other professional features
• Get better sounding mixes with RTAS plug-ins and Automatic Delay Compensation on hardware and software inserts
• Share sessions with Pro Tools|HD users without any loss of data
• Synchronize to timecode and video reference, with frame-edge accuracy, when using SYNC HD (sold separately)
• Get the ultimate hands-on control over your mixes using ICON or C|24 control surfaces
• Total flexibility- work with Mac or Windows, Pro Tools HD or third-party software, and more


Achieve ultimate sound quality and performance with the complete system

Enjoy outstanding audio clarity and power by pairing the PCIe card and software with a supported Mac or PC and one or more Pro Tools HD Series interfaces to complete your Pro Tools|HD Native system. With interfaces that feature premium audio conversion for the most transparent sound, all-in-one functionality, high-quality mic preamps, full monitoring capabilities, and MADI connectivity, you gain better flexibility to meet your needs now and in the future.

Everything you need for professional music and audio production

With Pro Tools|HD Native, you gain the power and creative tools to compose, record, edit, sequence, and mix studio-quality audio- at up to 192 kHz resolution. Create complex compositions with the integrated Score Editor and MIDI production tools. Track sessions with extremely low latency. And gain inspiration and professional polish from over 70 included effects and virtual instruments.

Expand your creative palette

In addition to the huge treasure trove of plug-ins, virtual instruments, and audio loops you get with Pro Tools HD software, you also get a powerful collection of sound processing and utility plug-ins to help you track and achieve better-sounding mixes. What’s more, you can further expand your sonic palette with a wide range of RTAS/AudioSuite* plug-ins, virtual instruments, and software options available from Avid and other third-party audio designers.

Open up your workflow

Use the included Pro Tools HD software and you’ll maximize your productivity, efficiency, and creative potential, as well as gain unparalleled performance and control of Avid audio and video interfaces, consoles, control surfaces, and live sound systems. But you can also use your Pro Tools|HD Native hardware with other Core Audio- and ASIO-compatible DAW software such as Logic, Nuendo, Live, Cubase, Reason, and Fruity Loops- with support for 64 channels of I/O- opening up even more creative avenues.

* Please note that TDM plug-ins are not compatible with Pro Tools|HD Native systems


Advanced Music and Post-Production Core System

What’s included

• Pro Tools|HD Native PCIe card
• DVD wallet, which includes:
- Pro Tools HD software installation DVD (includes all bundled software)
- Audio Loops DVD
- Training Video DVD
• User guides
• iLok USB Smart Key (for software authorization)
• Registration and software activation cards
• 12-foot DigiLink Mini cable for Pro Tools HD Series interface connection
• DigiLink to DigiLink Mini Adapter for older Pro Tools interface connection

System requirements

• Avid-qualified Mac OS X- or Windows-based PCIe computer

Pro Tools|HD Native specifications

Supported Channels/Tracks

Maximum Channels of I/O: 64
Maximum Audio Tracks @ 48 kHz / 96 kHz / 192 kHz: 192 / 96 / 36
Maximum Stereo Audio Tracks @ 48 kHz / 96 kHz / 192 kHz: 96 / 48 / 18
Simultaneous Record Tracks: 192
Total Instrument Tracks: 128
Total MIDI Tracks: 256
Total Auxiliary Tracks: 160
Total VCA Tracks: 128
Total Master Tracks: 64


Host Card: 1 (PCIe)
Mixer Resolution: 64-bit floating point
Processing Resolution: 32-bit floating point
ASIO/Core Audio Streams: 64
Supported Plug-in Formats: RTAS, AudioSuite
Surround Mixer: Yes
Automatic Delay Compensation: 4k @ 48 kHz

Supported Interfaces

• HD I/O
• 96 I/O
• 96i I/O
• 192 I/O
• 192 Digital I/O

Supported Consoles and Control Surfaces

• C|24
• ICON D-Command
• ICON D-Control

Third-Party: Any analog or digital console or control surface that supports the HUI protocol

Extended Avid Workflows

Video/Media Integration
• Interplay (Windows only)
• Unity (Windows only)
• Video Satellite
• Video Satellite LE

Remote Control
• MachineControl
• Satellite Link

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