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AVID Xpress Pro HD v5.7 Mac/WinXP
Xpress Pro HD v5.7 Mac/WinXP
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Besondere Highlights dieser neuen Version sind:
• Support für Intel-based Macs
• Komplette Formatunterstützung für XDCAM-HD
• XDCAM und P2 Write-back
• DVCPRO HD 720p/50 Unterstützung
• Time Shift Audio Plug-in
• Srolling Timeline
• Advance Keyframes View Improvement
• Adding Text to multiple Clips
• MXF now default media type

Platform support
• Microsoft Windows XP SP2 (Support for Windows Vista is planned for a future release)
• Mac OS X 10.4.6, 10.4.7 or 10.4.8 (Universal version for PowerPC and Intel-based systems - 10.4.9 not supported currently)
• Complete system requirements as well as qualified workstation and notebook documentation can be found at Avid Xpress Pro System
Requirements (siehe Datenblatt)

What’s in the box

• Avid Xpress® Pro
- Avid Marquee®
- Digidesign® AudioSuite™
- IllusionFX™
- Avid Filmmaker’s Toolkit
• SmartSound SonicFire Pro
• Sorenson Squeeze Compression Suite
• Sonic DVDit (PC Only)
• Noise Industries Factory Tools (Mac only)

Hardware and Documentation
• Application key (dongle)
• Avid Xpress Pro Users Guide, Basics Guide, and Effects Guide manuals

Project formats

• 23.976p NTSC
• 24p NTSC
• 30i NTSC

• 24p PAL
• 25p PAL
• 25i PAL

• 720p/23.976
• 720p/29.97 HDV
• 720p/50 NEW
• 720p/59.94

• 1080p/23.976
• 1080p/24
• 1080p/25
• 1080i/50
• 1080i/50 HDV
• 1080i/59.94
• 1080i/59.94 HDV

Sony XDCAM format support
• XDCAM SD video codec (DVCAM) bitrate: 25 Mb/s
• XDCAM HD video codec (MPEG HD) selectable bitrates: 18, 25, 35 Mb/s NEW
• MPEG-4 (LongGOP) proxy media import for low data rate offline editing NEW
• Ingest via File Access Mode (FAM) over IEEE-1394
• Ingest via FTP client over Ethernet
• Write back to media over IEEE-1394 NEW
• Please note: IMX high-resolution media is not supported in this release
• For more info: Camera Fact Sheet * Sony XDCAM [PDF, 85 KB]

Panasonic DVCPRO format and P2 support
• Native DVCPRO HD editing: 1080i/59.94, 1080i/50, 720p/60, 720p/24
• Direct edit of P2 media from cards or hard drive
• P2 store support
• Write back to P2 media over IEEE-1394 (P2 write back on PC systems and PowerPC-based Macs only. Intel-based Mac systems to be supported in a future release) NEW
• For more info: Camera Fact Sheet * Panasonic DVCPRO HD [PDF, 74 KB]

HDV format support
• Native HDV project resolutions: 1080i/59.94, 1080i/50, 720p/29.97
• For more info: Camera Fact Sheet * Sony HDV Cameras [PDF, 100 KB]
• For more info: Camera Fact Sheet * JVC HDV Cameras [PDF, 77 KB]
• For more info: Camera Fact Sheet * Canon HDV Cameras [PDF, 74 KB]

Additional formats and resolutions
• 10-bit 1:1 SD video support
• Avid DNxHD encoding and editing
• DV50 capture and output over IEEE-1394
• MXF media support
• and more

Tools for filmmakers
• Avid Filmmaker’s Toolkit includes:
-- Avid FilmScribe™ with Matchback for comprehensive cutlist generation for editing film-originated projects and creating frame-accurate cutlists, optical pull lists and other formats for final film assembly
-- Avid Log Exchange (ALE) * file format purpose-built for importing a cut list into an Avid system, so that only the selected material is digitized
-- Film Effects - mimic such optically-generated film effects as dissolves
-- Dupe Detection - prevent accidentally re-using shots
-- AutoSync™ * quick and easy synchronization of picture and sound via common timecode, IN points or OUT points
-- Script-based editing - visually link multiple shots to corresponding sections of the script, and edit directly from the script
• Widest range of pulldown support, including the industry’s only live capture of NORMAL pulldown over 1394, and pulldown in all relationships (rather than just the “A” relationship that others are limited to)
• Play back 23.976/24 sequences with pulldown out to NTSC
• Widest range of film formats, including many such as VistaFilm and 65mm 15-perf (IMAX) not found in other software
• Mixed film gauges in the same timeline for maximum format flexibility
• FluidFilm, to create the look of progressive media, including pulldown, from interlaced media
• A variety of tools for second-source audio workflows, including native support for BWAV files with audio timecode, Auto-Sync, and quarter-frame slip to provide rock-solid sync aligned with perf boundaries
• Integrated film metadata * no need for a separate application to track feet and frames (Xpress Pro tracks up to 7 different time codes at once), key codes, Ink and Aux Ink numbers, and other critical information

Hardware support
• Avid Mojo SDI for highest-quality digital uncompressed SD I/O with 8 channels of embedded audio, as well as IEEE-1394, composite, S-video and component analog, plus AES/EBU audio
• Avid Mojo for IEEE-1394 composite, S-video, and optional component analog I/O
• Avid VideoRAID
• Avid MediaDrive rS 320/LVD
• Avid Unity * supported as an Ethernet or Fiber attached client on Avid Unity MediaNetwork, including Avid Unity LANshare and Avid Unity ISIS
• Support for popular IEEE-1394 cards, cameras, and decks
• Third-party technology solutions [Learn more]

Encoding support

MPEG-4 (.mp4)
• H.264
• Sony PSP NEW

Macromedia Flash Movie (.swf)

Macromedia Flash Video (.flv)

QuickTime (.mov)

Windows Media Video (.wmv)
• WM Video V7
• WM Video V8
• WM Video V9
• WM Screen V7
• WM Screen V9
• WM Audio V9, Pro, Lossless, Voice

RealMedia (.rm)
• RealVideo 8, 9, and 10
• RealAudio Cook

MPEG-1/2 (.mpg)
• DVD (program and elementary streams)
• Blu-ray*
• CD
• HD DVD**

MP3 Audio (.mp3)

• Sorenson AVC Pro
• Sorenson MPEG4 Pro
• Sorenson Spark Pro

Audio codecs
• Uncompressed Audio
• AAC (MPEG-4 AAC audio encoding technology licensed by Fraunhofer IIS)
• aacPlus
• Qdesign Music Codec 2
• Apple IMA 4:1
• QUALCOMM PureVoice

* Sorenson Squeeze Compression Suite or Avid Studio Toolkit required
** Sorenson Squeeze Compression Suite required

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