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MultiLAN Switch MR8-03
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The Hirschmann MultiLAN Switch MR8-03 is a self-learning highspeed
switch which is installed in a central location of a building to
segment networks. The different floors of a building are connected
over fibre optics from this device in a star shape. The ASGEs, MCs,
AMCs and WGs are used on the floors. The network is divided into
several subnetworks. This kind of restructuring provides overloaded
networks with additional capacity. With the increasing efficiency of
PCs, workstations and applications, networks today are coping with
steadily-growing data volumes. Network segmentation reduces the
number of users in a network thereby increasing the average
bandwidth available to each user.
The MultiLAN Switch MR 8-03 allows a number of simultaneous and
independent connections to be set up between the individual ports.
Local traffic is filtered. You can use up to 50 filters on the destination,
source and type/length field. Moreover, filter settings can be in any
logical combination. Network interconnection is not protocol-specific.
• New capacity reserves for overloaded networks
• Passive synchronous high-speed bus provides maximum security and throughput
• FDX/HDX and cut-through mode configurable per port
• Coupling of up to 8 ETHERNET networks possible
• Can also be configured with 24 V-DC input

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