SONNET Fusion RX1600 MetaSAN Software
Fusion RX1600 MetaSAN Software
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Key features
• Heterogeneous operating system support: Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux users can now collaborate efficiently
• Simultaneous high-speed file sharing: multiple users can read and write to the same volume.
• Hardware and software agnostic: compatible with all standard applications, Fibre Channel and iSCSI devices.Also supports standard OS stripe sets and multipathing.
• Native OS file system support: preserves the integrity of NTFS and HFS+ file systems and greatly simplifies SAN setup and maintenance, and troubleshooting. Support volumes up to 18 exabytes in size.
• Native OS access rights management: no need to manage additional accounts and passwords for true file sharing
• Per-node bandwidth usage control: Bandwidth reservation and bandwidth quota for each SAN member allow for a fair and optimal distribution of the available network bandwidth
• Virtualization for Avid®: Enables sharing of media files among multiple users of Avid® software on Windows platforms for efficient workgroup collaboration.
• Soft-zoning: enables the shared storage to be partitioned in a number of zones that permit the compartmentalization of data for increased security
• Centralized management of SAN definitions: simplifies SAN management by allowing global, as well as local SAN settings to be controlled from a single workstation
• 24/7 mission-critical ready: accesses to SAN are fully redundant with true real-time failover capability
• Support for Trunking and Multipath I/O: boost performance and/or increase the reliability of your network connections
• Fibre Channel to Ethernet Failover: users can save their work and exit gracefully in case of a Fibre Channel malfunction
• Server virtualization technology that unifies data centers: metaLAN connects your enterprise LAN with your high-speed SAN through automatic load balancing while bringing many of the SAN benefits to your LAN
• Affordable, time tested, field proven technology: Tiger Technology software is priced per connected seat to the shared storage. Thousands of users worldwide are already relying on Tiger Technology for their daily operations.

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