ATTO PCI Dual Port UL5D Low Profile - EPCI-UL5D-L00
PCI Dual Port UL5D Low Profile - EPCI-UL5D-L00
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The ATTO ExpressPCI UL5D Low-Profile Ultra320 SCSI host adapter is the industry’s first low-profile PCIe SCSI host adapter. Utilizing Ultra320 SCSI and next-generation PCI Express (PCIe) technology. With throughput of up to 320 MB/sec. per channel for a combined speed of up to 640 MB/sec., the ATTO ExpressPCI UL5D Low-Profile SCSI host adapter is ideal for integration into enclosures where space is at a premium. Easy to deploy, manage and scale, the UL5D Low-Profile host adapter is the ideal solution for data-intensive environments such as 10-bit high definition video, transactional database applications, email servers and large server farms. Technical Highlights ExpressPCI UL5D Low-Profile • Ultra320 SCSI • Up to 320 MB/sec. per channel data-transfer rates • Dual independent SCSI channels • x4 PCI Express host connectivity • Exclusive Advanced Data Streaming (ADS) Technology • Driver support for Windows, Mac OS X, Novell Netware, and Linux • Supports up to 30 SCSI bus IDs • Up to 12 meter cable lengths • RoHS compliant • 2-year standard warranty Systeme • Windows Server 2003, XP, • Mac OS X • Linux (Fedora, Red Hat, and • Novell Netware V6.5 Supports Mac on Intel Aus Kundenrücknahme, Ware geöffnet. Diese Produkte sind von der Rücknahme ausgeschlossen

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