ATTO Express Power Center
Express Power Center
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ATTO Express Power Center is a disk storage RAID software application that supplies you with the power to maximize attached storage when using ATTO ExpressPCI SCSI, Celerity Fibre Channel and ExpressSAS host adapters. Vital for audio/video, digital content creation, large-scale database and other high-performance applications, Express Power Center incorporates an exclusive Smooth Data Optimization (SDO™) technology to transfer data reliably at a blazing-fast pace when working in a Windows® environment. The power of ATTO’s exclusive software architecture when combined with the unmatched performance of ATTO host adapters will boost your productivity levels to new heights. Technical Highlights Express Power Center • Exclusive Smooth Data Optimization (SDO™) for increased productivity • User selectable interleave sizes • Seamless portability of stripe groups between systems • Easy to use GUI interface • Supports all ATTO host adapters • Support for Windows® Vista, XP, Server 2008, 2003, 2000

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