ATTO Celerity FC Fibre Dual Channel - CTFC-42XS-0R0
Celerity FC Fibre Dual Channel - CTFC-42XS-0R0
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The Celerity FC-42XS is the next-generation of ATTO's advanced storage connectivity solutions, leveraging the latest in storage performance -- 4-Gigabit Fibre Channel. The dual-channel Celerity FC-42XS storage adapter provides the highest available throughput for Fibre Channel applications while protecting technology investments via backward compatibility with existing infrastructure. With speeds of up to 800 MB/sec. per channel, the FC-42XS is capable of supporting the most intensive data applications, including digital content creation, tape streaming and backup, rich content delivery and complex database environments. To ensure a smooth transition path, the FC-42XS leverages the existing Celerity FC software and hardware architecture, allowing ATTO to deliver industry-leading quality and stable software architecture. Benefits • Built with the world's fastest data connectivity technology • 4-Gb Fibre Channel provides up to 800 MB/sec. throughput per channel • Backward compatible with existing FC installations, protecting infrastructure investments • Features ATTO's industry-leading hardware and software technology • Advanced Data Streaming (ADS(TM)) for efficient data transfers • High-performance hardware design for reduced EMI and improved signal quality • Target and Initiator driver capabilities • Supports SNIA adapter API • Complete Driver Support • Linux • Windows® • Mac®OS X

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