ATTO Faststream Storage Controller 5500
Faststream Storage Controller 5500
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FastStream Storage Controllers are high-performance, scalable RAID controllers that deliver data protection for applications in DVA and IT infrastructures including high-definition video post-production, digital prepress, disk-to-disk backup, audio post, email compliance, data warehousing, data mining and transaction based environments.

The FastStream SC 5500 was designed as a 1U external storage appliance which provides high-speed access, data protection and improved performance for SAS or SATA connected RAID or JBOD storage arrays. Featuring a one-button setup wizard that dramatically simplifies installation and configuration for video, audio, database and IT environments, FastStream SC appliances can provide multiple RAID levels with heterogeneous host and storage support.

Technical Highlights

• Two 4-Gigabit Fibre Channel host interface ports
• Eight 3-Gigabit SAS/SATA device lanes via two four-port MiniSAS connectors
• 512 MB ECC cache memory
• DVRAID and RAID Levels 0, 1, 4, 5, 6, 10, 40, 50, 60*
*RAID 40, 50, 60 require ATTO Express Power Center software
• ATTO Celerity HBA multipathing support for Mac OSX
• Windows 2008 MPIO and Linux multipathing
• 4KB sector size support for volumes > 2TB
• Supports up to 64 storage devices
• Up to 650 MB/sec performance in RAID 5
• Tunable RAID rebuild priorities allow for full application performance during a rebuild
• Dedicated + Global hot spares
• Hot swap with autorebuild
• Real-time performance metrics
• SES passthrough
• SES management and monitoring
• Non-block device passthrough (tape, optical drives)
• Phone-home email alert notification
• Advanced media error handling minimizes potential workflow interruptions caused by bad disk sectors
• Drive initialization and verification feature identifies drives with soft errors or performance issues
• ATTO ExpressNAV storage manager browser user interface for simplified management, monitoring and diagnostics
• Custom virtual drive serial numbers
• Includes four 4-Gigabit LC SFP's
• RoHS Compliant

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